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We offer fascinating exhibits on:

Geology -
the story of the earth’s evolution, culminating in the wonders of the Moab landscape visible today

Paleontology -
the remnants of the massive dinosaurs who once roamed the area of Moab

Archaeology -
the lives and crafts of the early inhabitants of the Moab and Four Corners region

Pioneer History -
the saga of the settlers who came to the Moab Valley in the late 19th century

Mining -
the tale of the search for riches and the legendary “Uranium Boom” of the mid-twentieth century

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Artful Exploring!

August 24-October 31


Landscape paintings from the Colorado Plateau by George Callison, award-winning realistic landscape painter from Grand Junction.


Artful Exploring! celebrates curiosity and we humans are more curious than cats. George Callison notes: "I love the power of a canyonlands storm, the anticipation of adventure, the play of sun and shadow, the excitement of discovery, the patina of history, the enigma of clouds, and the surprise of color. My paintings sing the praises for exploration. As a landscape painter, I am fascinated by how light and shadow bring shape and color to the land."


Fran and Terby Barnes Gallery at the Museum























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