Current Exhibits

Now in the Fran and Terby Barnes Gallery - Through July 31

Tricia A. Ogilvy  (TAO)

I love unusual characters and story. I have been a working actress in New York, a writing fellow at the American Film Institute in Hollywood and have written five screenplays and a novel, “Candyland,” under the name T.A. Mulligan. Recently, I branched out and wrote a libretto for an opera, “The Swamp Opera.” (If you’re a composer, let’s have lunch!) 

Incorporating story into sculpture is called “narrative sculpture.” My pieces always include a figure; therefore I do “narrative figure sculpture.” I have been working in clay for about sixteen years, beginning at a local civic arts program. Initially, I studied the figure, then studied with other teachers to learn different techniques. Restless, I wanted to break out and express my own ideas. Now, having my own studio allows me to explore my penchant for the comical and bizarre.

Regarding clay itself, working with it is a meditative exercise. The tactility, the smell, the experience makes time stop. I feel focused and fully immersed. I love this aspect of the medium.

 I hope you enjoy my work.

Tricia's “Museum of Unnatural History” includes an assortment of thirty six fictitious sculpted skulls, including the bogus genus species write-ups and “facts” about each creature.

Robert McKendrick

Robert is a landscape/wildlife photographer who grew up and still lives in Utah's ruggedly beautiful Castle Country.

Robert's heritage lies deep within Utah. His grandparents worked in the coal mines of central Utah. Since childhood he has spent most of his free time in the mountains and canyons of Utah. Hiking the beautiful and diverse, sometimes harsh, but often delicate nature of the country he found a reverence to the wilderness.

This special appreciation for nature that he deeply experienced touched something within him. This reverence that has grown from the wild beauty that Mother Nature has to offer gave him a passion to capture it with photography. Robert's goal is to show the grandeur, peacefulness and serenity of nature in a way that the viewer will experience their own set of emotions.