Volunteers help make the Moab Museum and its programs a success!

Volunteers perform many important functions for the Museum:

Docent: Special Tours are offered for Schools, Bus Groups, Scouts, Youth Groups, and Visitors needing docents to give local informative tours.

Archiving Photographs: We have a small group of volunteers who meet regularly to classify, organize, and digitize our large collection of original collection of historic photographs and slides.

Collections Research and Work: With over 5000 objects collected over the past 52 years the museum has worked to preserve and protect these valuable treasures of our past. Volunteer work is essential in identifying objects, building storage containers, and conserving many them as well.

Library and Historical Archives: The Museums extensive research library serves to as a repository of books and documents relative to the history of South East Utah. Organizing the collection requires time and energy.

Historical Demonstration: Volunteers are needed to help with special demonstrations of how things were done in by-gone days. Demonstrations provide an exciting way to see history come to life and bring the story of Moab to many more people.

If you love the Museum and what it offers, whatever your skills and interest, the Moab Museum can certainly find an important role for you in helping us achieve our Mission.

If you want to become a critical part of the Museum team, fill out the short form, and welcome to our team.


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